Hi, I'm AmyLockheart. I have been a full-time cam girl since 2002, and I've enjoyed amazing success in my webcam modeling career. My goal with WebcamPayday is to help 1000 other people to become successful webcam models... (I'll explain why later.)

So if you want to work from home as a webcam model, set your own schedule, and make a substantial income every week, please read this site carefully. Through the following pages, I will:

1. Discuss some of the benefits (and risks) of being a webcam model.
2. Reveal the BEST adult web cam site to work on, and I'll explain WHY it is the best.
3. Answer all the most common 'newbie' webcam modeling questions.
4. Share several powerful, insider tips that can skyrocket your earnings!
5. And I'll show you the quickest way to get started.

Webcam Modeling Review + Camgirl Testimonial

Webcam Modeling 101: Working as a Web Cam Model

AmyLockheartBest webcam for Cam ModelsA few short years ago, I was dead broke. No... I mean D-E-A-D broke; I had less than $200 to my name. I was constantly struggling financially. For a while I worked as a bank teller. Then I tried waiting tables. After that I was a receptionist in a small office. But the wages in my area were *very* low (barely above minimum wage), and I found those jobs to be terribly boring.

Eager to find a solution, I researched a variety of work-at-home opportunities, but none of them really clicked with me. Plus... they generally required way too much money to get started.

Then one day I accidentally stumbled into the idea of becoming a webcam model. This was way back in 2002, so cam modeling wasn't nearly as prevalent as it is today. So I was scared, but I toyed with the idea for a couple of weeks. I researched ALL of the adult cam sites I could find. And despite my reservations (and nerves) I took the plunge!

I honestly never dreamed that hot July night would change my life forever...

Since I became a webcam model, my fortunes have changed dramatically! And I've been earning between $250,000 and $300,000 per year since 2007. I say that not to brag. I simply want to communicate that this business is the real deal. If you apply yourself, you can make SERIOUS money as a webcam model!

So if you're considering a foray into the world of webcam modeling, keep reading. I want to share some of the things I've learned along the way -- including the greatest benefits and the biggest risks.

12  Webcam Modeling Benefits:

Webcam modeling is a real, honest-to-goodness business opportunity that can provide you with a substantial weekly income -- from the comfort and security of your own home, dorm, apartment, or anywhere!

There are MANY advantages in becoming a web cam model, but I want to list the 12 most important benefits:

1. Money, Money, Money! Webcam models can make fantastic money. Most camgirls set their prices between $2.99 and $9.99 per minute. So it's very common to average $50-100 per hour and some models consistently earn over $300 per hour. My personal best single-hour total was $681 (because I had two 100% members in my videochat room at the same time). Now to be fair, totals like that are uncommon. And even long-time veterans have $0 hours once in a while. But even as a newbie... if you apply yourself, it's not difficult to surpass the industry average of $50-100 in a single hour.

2. WEEKLY Paychecks! The FedEx guy delivers paychecks every Tuesday! This is just one of the *huge* advantages of working with SweetieCams. The About SweetieCams page has lots more information about the weekly payments.

3. Paid Vacations! Wait. What!? ... Webcam models can get paid vacations? ... Well yeah. Sort of. I explain all the key facts on the About SweetieCams and Cam Modeling FAQs pages. But the bottom line is this... You really can make good money even while you're sleeping or on vacation. With most adult cam sites, you have to be running a LIVE SHOW to be earning money. But as you will learn, there are LOTS of ways you can make money -- even when you're 1000 miles away from your webcam.

4. No Bosses! When you become a web cam model, you don't have to answer to anyone -- you are your own boss. I know the "Be Your Own Boss" thing sounds like a late night infomercial, but in this case, it's absolutely true. As a webcam model, you can run your online business the way YOU want to run it. There are no scheduling demands. No sales quotas. Nobody looking over your shoulder. You are free to do what you want, when you want.

5. No Schedules! The internet never sleeps, so you can login for your live web cam shows anytime you want! You can set your own work schedule to fit your lifestyle. You can work at 3pm or 3am. You can work one hour a day -- ten hours a day -- or you can take an entire month off. It's always up to you! PLUS: As explained on the About SweetieCams page, there are a variety of ways to earn money even when you're offline.

6. No Commutes! As a webcam model, you will enjoy life without a commute. No traffic. No Freeways. Ick! In other words, you never have to leave home to earn money! I cannot explain how liberating it feels to slip into some comfy little PJs, walk down the hall to my guest bedroom, turn on my cam, and POOF... I'm making money! On the other hand... If you want to enjoy an extended vacation in Hawaii, you can take your webcam with you and login from there. I live in Texas, but I've done live cam shows from my hotel in Las Vegas three different times. How fun is that!?

7. No Training? No Degree? No Problem! There are no education or certification requirements to become a webcam model. Anyone over 18 can be a camgirl. You don't need a degree. You don't need any qualifications. Heck, you're not even required to speak English.

8. No Inventory or Shipping! Unlike most other home-based online businesses, videochat models deliver their services instantly and digitally. So there are no merchandise or shipping costs associated with webcam modeling. That means you never have to stock inventory. You never have to mess with packaging and mailing. And you never have to deal with returns or lost merchandise.

9. No Billing Headaches! You never have to deal with membership, billing, or chargeback issues. Trust me... when your doing a live webcam show, the LAST thing you want to worry about is whether or not you're going to get paid. As mentioned on the Cam Modeling FAQs page, you will never have to beg or fight with the viewer to get your money. All billing and membership issues are managed for you automatically. All you need to do is collect your paycheck every week.

10. Ultra-Low Start-Up Costs! Compared to other businesses, the start-up costs are minuscule (usually between $0 and $100)! As I explain on the Cam Modeling FAQs page, there is absolutely no charge to become a web cam model, and the required equipment is extremely inexpensive.

11. Ultra-Low Business Overhead! For webcam models, the ongoing business expenses are virtually zero. You will need to maintain a high-speed internet connection, but since you're working from home, that's really the only requirement. Other than a few (optional) toys, props, and clothing items, your webcam modeling business can run for years with no significant monetary investment. I honestly can't think of any other business that you can start from home -- spend virtually no money -- and still earn a Six-Figure Income year after year. It's awesome!

12. Ultra-Low Advertising Costs! Generally speaking, there are very little, if any, advertising costs associated with modeling on cam. Talk to any businessman, and he will tell you how important (and expensive) advertising is. Advertising is the lifeblood of most businesses; after all, you need customers to make money. And webcam modeling is no different. BUT! When you follow my step-by-step advice, the customers are provided for you -- for free!

I've explored all kinds of work-at-home business opportunities. I've sold things on Ebay. I even bought one of those get-rich-quick real estate courses from TV. But no other legitimate home-based business can offer all of the things on that list.

And just as importantly... Nothing else is as easy to get started as becoming a webcam model. You don't have to read "How-to" books. You don't have to go to seminars. You don't have to invest in merchandise or sell over-priced laundry detergent and vitamins to your friends. No! Webcam modeling is much simpler than all of that.

3  Webcam Modeling Risks:

In all fairness, no worthwhile business venture comes without some form of risk. And while webcam modeling carries very few risks, I think it's important to address them properly. As you will learn on the About SweetieCams page, there are solid solutions in place to minimize these risks. But anyone who wishes to become a webcam model should be mindful of them anyway.

1. What About My Friends & Family? Most prospective webcam models are deeply concerned about friends or family members finding out about their adult camming activities. This is a legitimate concern, because most of the time you can never control who has access to your material (pics, vids, live cam shows, etc). The About SweetieCams and Cam Modeling FAQs pages detail the strenuous safeguards in place to minimize this risk. Nothing is 100% bullet-proof, but as you will learn, the risk of unwanted exposure is drastically reduced when you use SweetieCams.

2. What About My Professional Career Future? Some models worry that becoming a Camgirl will forever destroy their professional career options. In the vast majority of cases this is not an issue. In fact, society is becoming more progressive all the time, and things that were totally taboo a few years ago are today being featured on Entertainment Tonight. long as you: [A] host your live cam shows using a stage name instead of your real name and [B] are setup as an independently contracted model (and not an employee of some big porn company), then you really shouldn't have any problem. BUT! If you dream of one day entering politics or religious ministry or some other kind of public service... then you will have to read about the SweetieCams Privacy Assurance safeguards and decide for yourself if it's worth the gamble.

3. What About Stalkers? Many women are scared about webcam modeling because they fear stalkers. The good news is that this problem has been solved. Well, as I said, nothing is 100% bullet-proof, but if you follow a few very basic guidelines, you won't have to worry about stalkers at all. Again, this issue is addressed on the About SweetieCams and Cam Modeling FAQs pages.

Ok, I've laid out the biggest benefits and risks of becoming a webcam model.

But I suppose some readers will be interested to know the WHO and WHY behind WebcamPayday. More specifically... WHO is this Amy chick, and WHY would she want to help me to become a cam model? Well the answers are quite simple...

Click over to my "About Me" page, and all will be revealed.