Hi, I'm AmyLockheart. I have been a full-time cam girl since 2002, and I've enjoyed amazing success in my webcam modeling career. My goal with WebcamPayday is to help 1000 other people to become successful webcam models... (I'll explain why later.)

So if you want to work from home as a webcam model, set your own schedule, and make a substantial income every week, please read this site carefully. Through the following pages, I will:

1. Discuss some of the benefits (and risks) of being a webcam model.
2. Reveal the BEST adult web cam site to work on, and I'll explain WHY it is the best.
3. Answer all the most common 'newbie' webcam modeling questions.
4. Share several powerful, insider tips that can skyrocket your earnings!
5. And I'll show you the quickest way to get started.

Webcam Modeling Review + Camgirl Testimonial

SweetieCams: The Best Webcam Site for Cam Models

SweetieCams ScreenshotSweetieCams is the best adult web cam site on earth. Period.

That statement probably seems WAY over-the-top, but I'm not asking you to take my word for it... In fact, I encourage you to investigate for yourself!

By the time you finish studying this article (and comparing all the adult cam sites for yourself) I know you will agree – SweetieCams is the best.

Before I get into specific details, I want to make one significant point. Over the years, I have personally generated over $2 Million in revenue through SweetieCams. With that kind of drive, ability, and experience, I could work on ANY cam site I want. But I have no desire to look elsewhere, because NOBODY else offers all the incredible revenue opportunities that SweetieCams does. And as I will explain in this article... having multiple revenue streams is CRITICAL if you want to maximize your profits!

10  Reasons SweetieCams is the Best Site for Webcam Models:

FYI: Several of the items below are discussed in greater detail on the Cam Models Wanted page over at SweetieCams.

1. 100% Payouts! This is probably the #1 reason why I chose SweetieCams as my webcam modeling home. NONE of the other adult webcam sites offer 100% payouts. In fact, the most you'll generally ever make on the other adult cam sites is 35-50%. One or two cam sites pay more than that (up to 60%), but in order to qualify for payouts above 50% you generally have to entertain hundreds of freeloaders and actively beg a huge crowd of gawkers for tips. It sucks, and SweetieCams doesn't work like that. So stick with SweetieCams, and you can qualify for true 100% payouts!

Here's how it works: When you become a SweetieCams model, you will receive a special 100% payout "JoinMe" link, and when someone goes through that link to join SweetieCams, you will automatically receive every penny that member spends on you for life!

100% Payouts extend to ALL the various revenue streams. Cam shows, telephone calls, Fanclub subscriptions, tips, etc, etc. SweetieCams keeps *none* of the money you earn from that member – you keep it all! NO other adult web cam site offers this.

2. WEEKLY Paychecks! Most adult cam sites send payments once a month, or at most twice a month. But SweetieCams processes paychecks every Monday. Their pay period runs from Sunday at midnight EST until Saturday at 11:59pm. And then your payment is processed on Monday. You can choose to be paid via check, debit card, or direct deposit into your bank account. And if you earn over $900 in a single week, they will FedEx your check to you overnight for free! That is my weekly FedEx envelope shown in the video above.

3. Make Money While You Sleep! Other adult cam sites are structured in such a way that you cannot earn money unless you are actively hosting a live cam show. Again, SweetieCams is different. They offer webcam models over a dozen revenue streams, most of which allow you to earn cash 24/7 – even when you're offline!

The SweetieCams Cam Models Wanted page provides a more comprehensive discussion of these revenue opportunities, but several of the items below will give you a glimpse of the profit potential.

4. The 100% GFE Paradigm! This is a little difficult to explain to someone who is brand new to webcam modeling. But it is of PARAMOUNT importance!

I will be brief here, but I encourage you to read more about "100% GFE" at, and in these two articles:
What is "100% GFE"? How Can it Help Me Make Money?
GFE: The SweetieCams Girlfriend Experience

In the briefest possible sense, 100% GFE means 100% INTIMACY. Unlike other adult cam sites that jam a ton of viewers into every chatroom, SweetieCams offers (and encourages) true 1-on-1 privacy. This is advantageous for MANY reasons, but first and foremost... it allows you to have real, intelligent conversations with ONE guy at a time. This is HUGE!

The biggest, long-term spenders don't want to share you with a bunch of other guys. They want you all to themselves. They want connection. They want intimacy... And intimacy simply isn't possible in a chatroom full of freeloaders.

The 100% GFE thing also means more privacy for you. Unlike the other sites, SweetieCams uses a privacy veil over most of their live cam feeds. So the guy(s) can't see you unless they are PAYING you. Huh... imagine that.

The subject goes a lot deeper, and again, I urge you to read the aforementioned articles. But the bottom line is... if you want to earn MORE money with FEWER customers, then SweetieCams and the GFE approach is the only way to go!

5. Make BIG Money From Fanclub Subscribers! The SweetieCams Fanclub system may be my most powerful insider secret ever. In fact, this one feature (by itself) is enough of a reason to choose SweetieCams over any other adult webcam site. The truth is, you can earn nearly as much from my monthly Fanclub subscriptions as you can through your live cam shows! But unfortunately, most cam models overlook the Fanclub altogether – and it costs them thousands of dollars every month.

Here's how it works: When you become a webcam model on SweetieCams, you will automatically receive a SweetieCams Fanclub. Your Fanclub works very much like a premium, adult paysite. Whenever you upload new pics, vids, webcam replays, etc... all of the files are automatically showcased in your Fanclub. And then SweetieCams members can subscribe to the Fanclub and stream your hot material – just like a paysite.

So if you're willing to do a little extra promotional work (something I can help you with after you're all set up), you can amass a huge group of subscribers. And I'm not kidding... $5,000-$20,000 (or more) per month is possible if you apply yourself. And that income is IN ADDITION to your webcam show revenues!

The idea is to keep your subscribers happy so that they will rebill over and over again. Each member pays between $20 and $30 a month to be in your Fanclub. And after a while this money piles up like crazy month after month!

So let's say you have 200 Fanclub members (a very achievable number). And your price is $29.99 per month. That means you're generating about $6,000 every month IN ADDITION to the money you're already making with your webcam shows! So even if you decide to take an entire month off from doing cam shows – you'll still be earning your monthly Fanclub revenues, with zero effort!

This is exactly what I mean when I say you can "Get Paid Vacations" and "Make Money While You Sleep." It's awesome!

6. DOUBLE or TRIPLE Your Income with Multiple Chatrooms! Most other adult cam sites do not allow you to entertain multiple viewers at once in paid/private videochat. A few do, but most generally allow only one paying member in "Private" at a time. On SweetieCams, you can have an unlimited number of paying viewers, and you can run several live chat rooms at one time, so your per-minute earnings can really shoot through the roof!

Here's an example: You can have unlimited screen names on SweetieCams. So let's say you are a 40 year-old housewife with large, natural breasts, and you really enjoy BDSM. Well you are going to do great in this business! Because you could create three separate screen names and run three separate chatrooms! Something like:

And POOF! Suddenly you have a TON of new revenue streams! Three separate Chatrooms catering to three separate niches... Plus three separate Fanclubs... And three-times the exposure across the SweetieCams site! Do you see how powerful this is!?

7. Get Paid for Live Telephone Calls! Here's another unique (and extremely cool) way to make money on SweetieCams. You can offer your Fanclub Members Live telephone / phone sex calls – and they pay you per-minute just for talking on the phone! I have made many $THOUSANDS with this feature over the years.

Best of all, it is 100% secure (so the caller will never know your real phone number or location). And you can set your own availability... so you never have to take a call if you don't want to.

One of the things I like most about telephone calls through SweetieCams, is that I don't have to be all made-up for a live cam show. I can just stay in my jammies with my kitty cat, email my guys to let them know that I'm taking the night off, and suggest that they should call me if they want some telephone play time. Invariably, one or two guys will call and I can still make a few hundred dollars. I love it because it's so fun and easy!

8. Sell Videos, Pics, and Webcam Replays! Your SweetieCams Fanclub is designed to help you sell tons of pics, videos, and webcam replays. This is so powerful, because even guys who are not Fanclub subscribers can purchase your movies with ONE click, and the files are delivered (streamed) to them automatically. You don't have to handle billing or sending private download links or any of that. It's super fast, and the revenues can really add up.

And don't forget your Webcam Replays! When you're not LIVE in an online cam show, you can set your account to run a 24/7 replay loop of a previous webcam recording. Many customers prefer replays to live shows, because [A] they are generally a little cheaper – usually $2 to $5 pre minute – and [B] because they feel like they are "spying" on someone else's show.

Whatever the case, you can make great money from your webcam replays.

PLUS! Remember what I said earlier about running multiple rooms? This applies to replays too! Theoretically, you could have an unlimited number of replay shows running under an unlimited variety of screen names. This means you could have several different guys watching 2 or 3 different replays all at the same time. And if each one is paying $3 per minute... well, you can do the math.

It's worth repeating... REPLAY money is money that you earn while you are OFFLINE! ...even if you're laying on a beach, 1000 miles away from your webcam!

9. $200 New Member Bonuses! This is HUGE! SweetieCams pays you up to $200 for every new customer you bring into the site.

So think about this... Not only is SweetieCams the only adult cam site that offers 100% payouts to their web cam models, but they will ALSO pay you a bonus commission (of up to $200) for each new member you recruit.

Here's a real-world breakdown of the possibilities:
A. You recruit a brand new 100% customer through your "JoinMe" link on Twitter.
B. SweetieCams pays you a bonus up to $200 since he is a first-time member.
C. The member likes you so much that he joins your Fanclub at $29.99 a month.
D. And he likes all the fresh pics and vids in your FC, so he rebills for 6 months.

In this very real, very plausible scenario, you have already earned $380 from this member – and that doesn't include one single second of paid videochat time!

Also, since he is a member of your Fanclub, he will automatically receive your "Live Notice" emails and he is likely come to videochat with you 2 to 4 times a month – each member is different, but that's pretty common. So if you're charging $4.99 a minute you will be earning (and keeping) 100% of that money. Which means you'll get $50 for every 10 minutes he
spends with you! – That's $300 an hour!

You won't make that kind of money on every guy you recruit. But it is a real-world example; I have had many instances like that over the years. In fact, I still have several 100% Fanclub recruits from 2004-2005, and I'm still making great money from those guys every month!

10. Earn 1% Model Referral Commissions! This is what WebcamPayday is all about, and it's *precisely* why I built this site! I want to recruit new web cam models and show them how to be successful in this industry. And by showing other people how to make HUGE money on webcam, SweetieCams will pay me extra money every week.

Here's how it works: If you recruit other men, women, or couples to be webcam models on SweetieCams, they (SweetieCams) will pay you 1% of everything your recruits earn for life! So if your new recruit earns $5000 in a particular week, SweetieCams will send you an extra $50 that week.

So as I've said... my primary goal with WebcamPayday is to help One Thousand people become successful webcam models. And if each one of those new chat hosts earns an average of only $1000/week, then SweetieCams will be paying me an extra $10,000/week – on top of my regular videochat and Fanclub earnings!

But even better than watching my own paychecks grow is knowing I'm helping so many other people become webcam models, make money, and totally revolutionize their lives.

So I encourage you to follow my lead... Once you're signed up with SweetieCams and your webcam modeling career is off the ground, begin recruiting as many other webcam models (and new customers) as possible. This formula works and it can make you TONS of extra money each week.

Privacy Protection Assured SealBONUS #1: Enjoy Total Privacy! When I first started my career as a webcam girl, I was terrified that someone from my family would find me doing naughty things online. So when I discovered the awesome privacy features inside SweetieCams, I was very relieved!

Here's how it works: Inside your SweetieCams chathost settings, you can block specific cities, states, Canadian provinces, countries, and even zip codes! With your block zones in place, nobody from those areas can access your live feeds, pictures, videos, Fanclub, etc.

In my experience, the system works amazingly well, so nobody will ever know that you're doing adult cam shows. Also... You'll never have to think twice about stalkers or out-of-control fans because SweetieCams has a bulletproof privacy policy – so your viewers will never know your real name or location (unless you decide to tell them).

BONUS #2: LIVE Chat Support 24 Hours a Day! SweetieCams has always had 24/7 chathost support, but they recently launched 24 hour instant chat support, and it's WONDERFUL! If you have trouble with any of the settings or features, help (from a real human being) is literally seconds away. I love it!

At first this may not seem like a big deal, but I recently received a desperate email from a model on different cam site. For some reason she absolutely could not login to her modeling account on that other site. It was evidently some sort of glitch. The problem is... that particular web cam service doesn't offer chat or phone support for their models. Everything is done via email, and her emails were going unanswered. Days went by. Then weeks. And she still could not login or make any money at all.

So of course, I hooked her up with SweetieCams. In a matter of 36 hours they had her ID verified and ready to go. She was amazed by the live support feature and her exact comment to me was, "I can't believe how much better this is than [site name excluded]."

...And That's Just the Beginning!

I could go on and on. But this page is already waay longer than I wanted it to be.

I began this article by stating that SweetieCams is the best adult web cam site for webcam models. I think the facts speak for themselves. No other cam site compares point for point, or dollar per viewer.

And I know that once you get started, you'll agree.

But I also know you probably have LOTS of questions (I know I did before I started). So on the next page, I will try to answer the most common questions and concerns of new web cam models:

Click over to the "Cam Modeling FAQ" page for important answers and tips.